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Welcome Message

It’s with much pride that we invite all steel community colleagues to ASIA STEEL 2021 (the 8th Asia Steel International Conference) in Gyeongju, Korea on December 5-9, 2021.  ASIA STEEL has been continued as the triennial international conference since 2000, jointly organized by the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM), Chinese Society of Metals (CSM), Indian Institute of Metals (IIM), and Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ).

At this time, ASIA STEEL 2021 will be held jointly with the Automotive Steel International Conference.  Hosting the two conferences at the same time is expected to boost a synergetic interest in one place by exchanging recent advances and ideas from different fields of steel technologies, in-depth discussions of latest results in order to create new ideas, strengthening activities in steel research, and dissemination of all these fruitful outcome.  The current state-of-the-art technologies and academic achievements will be shared by numerous experts in the world.  We expect that these conferences will be beneficial both to enlarge your knowledge and to extend your professional network in this field.  Especially, the ASIA STEEL 2021 will discuss recent implementation of big data analysis to steel production sites by artificial intelligence approach, which would bring utmost attention to us.

Gyeongju, the venue city of ASIA STEEL 2021, served as the capital of the ancient kingdom – Silla – for 1,000 years in Korean 5,000-year history.  It is a UNESCO world heritage city.  It is an “open-ceiling museum” with its many historical sites rich in cultural artifacts.  ASIA STEEL 2021 will be held in this gorgeous place, where culture and technology co-exist today.  We hope you enjoy your stay in Gyeongju that will inspire you in various ways.

We are confident that you will broaden your horizons, will have the opportunity to enlarge you network with your contemporaries from Asian steel societies, and will experience the Korean culture at the ASIA STEEL 2021, and eagerly look forward to your participation.


Chang Hee Yim
Chairman of ASIA STEEL 2021