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About Gyeongju
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7 Tastes of Gyeongju
Gyeongju beef comes from a special breed of cattle that is raised in a clean, natural environment and fed only fresh feed. It is particularly known for its tender yet chewy texture. Gyeongju beef is produced mainly in Sannaemyeon (Seoak area), Oedong-eup (Bulguksa area), and Cheonbukmyeon (Bomun area). In each of these areas, there are “Bulgogi Districts”, where visitors can sample Gyeongju beef.
Tteokgalbi is a Korean deish made with sort ribs. The meat is finely minced, formed into a patty, and then marinated and grilled. Throughout Gyeong ju, there are tteokgalbi restaurants that serve tteokgalbi made with high-quality Gyeongju Beef. The aroma of the tender meat and sweet marinade whets the appetites of passersby.
Near Ttaksilmot (Hagok Reservoir), in Angang-eup, Gyeongju, is the Maeuntang restaurants District. As carp, crucian carp, and catfish are caught in large quantities at the reservoir, Ttaksilmot is known for its maeuntang (spicy fish soup). Maeuntang, made with savory seasonings and fresh fish but without the fishy smell that so often accompanies freshwater fish, is highly popular as an invigorating and restorative food.
Gyeong ju Sundubu, made with quality Korean soybeans ground using millstones, is a tasty and highly nutritious food. Visitors can enjoy a variety of foods made with tofu such as Sundubu soup, Tofu steak, and Stir-fried Tofu. These dishes are made without artificial seasoning.
Ssambab, which is served with fresh vegetables, soybean paste soup, and grilled fish, is a healthy meal. With the flavor of the seasonal vegetables and herbs produced in Gyeongju, Ssambap helps people maintain good nutrition and increase their energy.
Parujeong-georu, running through downtown Gyeongju, is lined with haejangguk restaurant that serve haejangguk with a clear broth and kimchi, bean sprouts, anchovies and muk (acorn jelly). Visitors can treat to the taste of flavorsome haejangguk that is unique to Gyeongju.
Gampo Harbor in Gampo-eup, which is on the east coast of Gyeongju, is lined with seafood markets, Hoe(raw fish) distribution Centers, and Hoetjip(raw fish restaurants). These restaurants offer fresh seafood from the producers directly at reasonable prices.