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Gimpo Int'l Airport - Seoul Station - Singyeongju Station - HICO
Departure Arrival Hours of Operation Travel Time Interval Fare
First Train Last Train
Gimpo Int’l Airport Seoul Station 05:43 24:16 25 minutes 4 - 11 minutes KRW 1,250 Gimpo Int’l Airport Station
KTX(Korea Train Express) connects Seoul and many of the major cities in Korea including Singyeongju.
Departure Arrival Hours of Operation Interval Travel Time Fare
First Train Last Train
(Seoul Station)
(Singyeongju Station)
05:15 21:30 15 - 60 minutes 2 hours First-class: KRW 69,000
Regular: KRW 49,300
- Above times and fares are subject to change by KORAIL. Please check the website for complete and updated information.
- Reservation: You can make reservations online from one month to 30 mins before your departure time. There are plenty of passengers especially on Friday afternoon and Sunday
   morning. For the participants who plan to take a KTX at those times, we recommend to make a reservation at the website of KORAIL in advance.
Option 1 | By Taxi
Estimated Time 15 minutes (9.8 km) Fare Approx. KRW 13,000
Option 2 | By Town Bus
Bus Number Departure Arrival Interval Travel Time Fare
10, 11, 16, 18, 100-1, 700 Gyeongju Intercity / Express Bus Terminal HICO 20 - 30 minutes 40 minutes KRW 1,250 - 1,650